Reunion 2011 Thanks!

YES... We can still sing and clap and dance and laugh and play well with others.


The Band With No Name


Brad Eveland     Lonnie Young     Steve Mathews

Rick Nickelson     Jim Warner     Merrill Shute

The Class of '71 has produced ROCK STARS. We had to squeeze our way onto the dance floor. Jim Warner (despite his ear doctor's warnings) joined the band during the second set (3rd? 4th?). HAT'S OFF to you guys and THANKS for allowing us to loosen our joints!

Music is Magic Stuff.

We won't forget the gal on the bus.

 The talent of 1971'ers just won't stop. After dinner, Rose deLaubenfels gave us all the theatrical version of ...well... a dirty joke. Click on her picture to see what she's been up to. Under the umbrella of the Wisconsin Humanities Council, Rose performs for various groups portraying women who have made a difference. The joke was unforgettable!

The 2016 Reunion Entertainment Committee has your number, Mrs. Stephenson. Would performing for your classmates in 2016 be a thing to think about?

Thanks to Roger & Mary for sharing their lovely home.